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Math Educator

· International, New York
Employment Type Employee
Minimum Experience Mid-level

We are currently seeking a Math Educator for our 2020 school year to begin on July 1, 2020.


Position Overview

The TGS Educator encompasses more than just managing learning with students,  this holistic position is designed around the concept of being a mentor/advisor for students.  You will be assigned an advisory to manage Project Based Learning designed by students and staff and will be woven into all aspects of program delivery, often times living with students in communal settings. At THINK Global School learning opportunities can happen at anytime and we consider informal learning situations as valid as formal classes.  As and educator, your primary role will be to help students design a customized individual learning plan that incorporates learning targets and meets THINK Global School's graduation requirements.


Primary Responsibilities


  • Manage Student Driven Project Based Learning

  • Develop a sense of community with in an advisory

  • Establishes and maintains  individual learning plans for each advisee.

  • Helps advisees establish learning goals

  • Reviews progress toward goals with advisees regularly

  • Monitors advisees' schedules

  • Assure that assigned student meet the following graduation requirement component:

  • Mastery of Learning Targets

  • Completion of Service Learning Project

  • Portfolio Presentation of Learning

  • Completion and Presentation of Capstone Project

  • Yearly participation in the Student Wellness Program


Learning Facilitator Role

  • Creates brain compatible learning environment: stimulating, active, safe, respectful, project-based learning

  • Infuses global perspective content into program

  • Implements interdisciplinary/thematic activities

  • Uses an array of community and other learning resources

  • Involves students as a resource in planning, peer assistance and feedback

  • Strives to incorporate the following into student learning opportunities:

  • Student Voice

  • Connected Learning

  • Student Choice

  • Reflection

  • Innovation

  • Self-assessment

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

Design and help students align all learning activities to TGS Learning Targets



  • Exercise good judgement when proposing activities to ensure the safety of students.

  • Share on-duty responsibilities

  • Follow Safe Protocols for daily operations within locations

  • Follow Local Emergency Action Plans for each country

  • Maintain relationships with Local Contacts who can aid the TGS community in an emergency

  • Communicate with supervisors any safety concerns or incidents in a timely fashion.


Networker Role

  • Collaborate with different departments of TGS to ensure the effective delivery of program elements

  • Collaborate with In-country Site Coordinator and PBL Community Partners

  • Seeks ideas and local resources to augment the program and lessons

  • Regularly checks a variety of sources for ideas: conferences, literature, colleagues, etc.

  • Informs staff about new ideas, approaches, activities



  • Articulates clear statement of learning standards and outcomes

  • Selects and uses a range of assessment tools for appraising student progress

  • Assesses and monitors student learning outcomes using approved TGS software

  • Assessment is differentiated to meet individual student learning styles and levels

  • Regular communication of assessment outcomes with parents

  • Regular standardization/moderation of implementation of assessment criteria/mark schemes


Technology Role:

  • Works to understand and demonstrate ISTE Standards for Teachers in their professional and classroom activities

  • Actively participates in organized internal and/or external technology PD

  • Works to acquire and implement skills outlined in the Tech Skills Matrix for Teachers

  • Demonstrates a growth mindset with regards to technology in education, regularly sharing and discussing technology best practices with peers


Student Life

  • Implement TGS policies and procedure to ensure the health and safety of students

  • Supervise students when assigned

  • Co-create fun and interesting activities outside the classroom that leverage country location offerings

  • Share  supervision schedule with other teachers at student residence which will include overnight duties

  • Report any concerns regarding student welfare to supervisors

  • Support, conduct and be an active participant in the  Student Wellness Program


Program Development Role

  • Strives for continuous school improvement and articulates and advances school mission and beliefs

  • Understands and supports change processes and utilizes data objectively for decisions

  • Works effectively as team and group member in planning, shared decision making, problem solving

  • Collaborates with community agencies for student and family needs


weXplore Facilitator

  • Successfully design, lead and supervise  a 5-10 day weXplore with a group of 10-15 students

  • Follow procedures for the planning, conducting and ending of a trip.



  • Maintain academic records through the use of approved software

  • Enter journal entries of students with the intent of taking a proactive approach to helping students live the core values of TGS

Secondary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate and coordinate with other departments within the TGS Organization

  • Participate in other duties as assigned

  • Support Onsite In-Country Coordinator with logistics, i.e  transportation, lodging, medical facilitation, technology needs, etc.


Physical Requirements

  • Frequently move equipment weighing up to 50 pounds for various classrooms and events needs.

  • Frequently works in outdoor weather conditions.

  • Typical physical fitness level: As a traveling boarding school .  Staff employed are required to participate on extended expeditions outside the normal school day. Staff will be, required to move on their own with little assistance, carry 20-65 pounds over varying terrain, enter and exit a boat with little assistance and be able to upright himself/herself in case of a boat tipping.  Staff will be on and off trail at elevations of 7,000-14,000 feet.


Required Skills


  • Ability to develop and deliver effective Teacher driven workshops for students with special emphasis on PBL, Assessment, student driven projects and integration of technology.

  • Excellent leadership, organizational skills and attention to detail.

  • Flexible, adaptable and open to change.

  • Strong personal motivation, initiative, follow through and commitment.

  • Knowledge of TGS program and skill requirements.

  • Ability to work both independently and cooperatively as a team member and give and receive both positive and constructive feedback.

  • Able to prioritize and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Very strong and effective communicator, both written and oral.

  • Current WFR and CPR certification.

  • Familiarity with learning opportunities within assigned countries

  • Leadership and organizational skills to manage small and large groups.

  • Technology Skills: Competency with Google apps especially Calendaring, Spreadsheets, and Forms

  • Technology Skills: Ability to self-assess personal skill level and the motivation to learn new skills.

  • Ability and desire to live and work in a communal setting that is both a professional place of business and a home to students and staff.

  • Strong personal motivation, initiative, and commitment

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